Kamala Harris Really Messed Up a Lot in 2021

Kamala Harris Really Messed Up a Lot in 2021

(LibertySons.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris is having a difficult time in her new job. She can’t seem to secure a win in 2021. In fact, her failures keep adding up.

The vice president’s most significant errors have been related to the crisis at the border. President Joe Biden appointed her to take charge of the situation earlier in 2021. The only problem? She never did much after the nomination.

Harris was also notoriously awkward when anyone questioned her plans. For example, she famously laughed during an interview when asked whether she intended to visit the border.

Kamala’s popularity is currently waning; polling numbers reflect an incredibly dismal lack of support. Yet, her repeated attempts to improve them have only resulted in a long list of embarrassing public displays.

The video she made about space is just one example. She used child actors and a Canadian production company to produce the taxpayer-funded videos. Harris’ overacting only made the film less palatable to voters.

Then, there is perhaps the worst crisis of the Biden Administration so far: the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Harris expressed pride over her role and bragged about believing in the president’s plan. Yet, a total of 13 service members lost their lives while hundreds of Americans and allies found themselves stuck behind enemy lines, leading many to question her abilities.

VP Harris still has three more years in office, but many voters are now looking forward to 2024. If Biden opts out of the race, Harris is the most likely to take his place. However, there are serious questions about whether she can gain enough support from within her party to become their presidential nominee.

Has she already blown her chances?

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