Kamala Harris Loses Her Mind After Being Asked Who Really Controls Biden

Kamala Harris Loses Her Mind After Being Asked Who Really Controls Biden

(LibertySons.org) – Nobody from the Biden administration does many interviews. President Joe Biden most recently spoke to late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The questions were easy and obviously crafted to paint him in a good light. Vice President Kamala Harris likely thought she was in for a similar experience when she appeared on Comedy Central’s Tha God’s Honest Truth. But, much to her chagrin, that isn’t at all how the interview played out.

The Question Heard Around the World

Host Charlamagne fired a loaded question at the vice president, asking her who really controls President Biden. He was questioning her about Senator Joe Manchin’s ongoing opposition to the Build Back Better Act at the time.

Charlamagne repeatedly asked why Democrats allowed the senator to hold up the legislation by standing in defiance of the bill. He wanted to know how Biden could let that happen.

As soon as he stopped speaking, Harris’ chief spokesperson, Symone Sanders, attempted to end the interview. She tried to say there was an issue with the audio and they couldn’t hear the host, but the vice president ignored her, saying she could hear just fine.

Harris didn’t giggle or try to avoid the question. Instead, she exploded into a tirade, accusing Charlamagne of acting like a Republican. Harris then clarified that she was the vice president — as if the host wasn’t aware — and Joe Biden was the standing president.

Harris’ approach was firm and direct, but she was obviously caught off guard. The simple interview suddenly became a contentious battle of wits, which is probably not at all what the VP’s camp expected.

Not the Only One Asking the Question

Charlamagne may have been talking about giving Senator Manchin too much power by allowing him to refuse to pass the critical bill. Yet, others have also asked who is really in charge at the White House right now. Is Biden genuinely making his own decisions? Or are other players influencing his push toward rapid progression?

Fox host Tucker Carlson has claimed that nobody believes Joe Biden is running the country in the past. In fact, he even suggested Harris is the actual president, acting behind the scenes like the puppeteer from The Wizard of Oz to guide Biden’s decisions.

Most criticism of the president’s ability to do his job comes from rumors about his cognitive state — or lack thereof. Many Republicans feel he has dementia, although he has not yet received an official diagnosis.

Regardless of speculation, the fact that the VP of the US was forced to justify who is running the country represents a very sad state of affairs. It makes America appear weak at a time when strong leadership is essential.

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