Kamala Harris Just Keeps Digging the Hole That She’s in Deeper

Kamala Harris Just Keeps Digging the Hole That She's in Deeper

(LibertySons.org) – Dismal approval numbers and failed PR attempts are becoming the hallmark of Kamala Harris’s time in office. In an effort to boost her waning popularity, the VP recently scheduled a friendly interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. That’s when the situation quickly went south.

Harris spoke with the host on the November 18 episode of Good Morning America, sharing details about her job. What should have been an easy interview with a fellow Democrat quickly soured after Stephanopoulos probed her about troubles at the southern border.

Harris first responded to a question about the increase in illegal border crossings, declaring there was no quick fix. She then attempted to blame the problem on former President Donald Trump’s administration, saying the Biden administration inherited a “broken system” that required significant reconfiguring to make it fair and efficient.

The facts show the border was stable when the Biden administration took over. It only collapsed after they removed a number of proven policies, such as the Remain In Mexico order. President Biden’s decision to halt border wall construction also had disastrous effects.

Twitter lit up with comments after the interview. Many users rebutted the VP’s remarks and blamed the Biden White House instead of the Trump administration.

Harris’s inability to recognize the reality of the situation at the southern border does her no favors in the public eye. It suggests she isn’t fully aware of the very situation she’s intended to manage — and that’s likely to harm her approval ratings instead.

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