Justices Blast Media And Defend The Supreme Court

Justices Blast Media And Defend The Supreme Court

(LibertySons.org) – The design of the US Supreme Court calls for a nonpartisan panel of judges. This branch of the federal government should be independent and able to keep bias out of its decisions. But, some people, especially in the media, have questioned whether the Court is too political to avoid partisanship.

On September 16, Justice Clarence Thomas joined fellow member Justice Amy Coney Barrett in defending the Court against such accusations. In a speech at the University of Notre Dame, Thomas stated the media is trying to paint justices as politicians.

He said the outlets assume a judge will always default to his or her personal feelings on a matter instead of listening to the facts of the case, which is untrue. Justice Thomas warned against letting such thoughts allow for the destruction of the Supreme Court simply because its rulings don’t match the public’s desired result.

The previous week, Justice Amy Coney Barrett also pointed the finger at the media for soiling the Court’s reputation. She reaffirmed that every decision comes from the facts in the case and has its basis in the law, which may not always match a justice’s personal feelings on the matter.

As an example that the Court is still a nonpartisan institution, Justice Barrett pointed out many decisions; the results showed justices voted in opposition to the parties that nominated them. US citizens appear divided on whether they believe recent decisions crossed political lines.

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