Judge Retires After Harassment Claim Found Valid

Judge Retires After Harassment Claim Found Valid

Judge Retiring After Allegations

(LibertySons.org) – A judge for the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court in Genesee County, Michigan is leaving the bench after allegations of sexual harassment by a former intern. Judge Joseph J. Farah announced on August 9, he would retire in November after serving the county since 1998. The move comes on the heels of findings by Michigan State University (MSU) upholding accusations made by Grace Ketzner, who interned for him when he worked there as an adjunct professor in 2021.

The college student filed a complaint with the university, accusing the judge of sexually harassing and stalking her while she worked under him. She said Farah made sexual innuendos, forced her to listen as he read sexually suggestive passages from a book, and spread “negative feedback” about her after she refused to go out with him, among other acts that left her feeling uncomfortable.

The law student also sought help from Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who heard one of the cases against disgraced USA gymnastics former doctor Larry Nassar. Aquilina advised her to go to the state’s Judicial Tenure Commission with her story.

MSU investigated the matter and found evidence that Ketzner’s harassment claims were likely valid under the school’s policies, but officials couldn’t find anything to back up the stalking accusation. Officials felt the intern was more credible than the judge.

Farah denies all the accusations. In a statement, he insisted he never made sexual advances toward the young woman, nor did she ever indicate being uncomfortable around him. The judge explained he would have readily apologized if his behavior had upset her.

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