Judge Criticizes Trump’s Lawyer Repeatedly for Lack of Competence

(LibertySons.org) – On January 16, former President Donald Trump (R) headed into a Manhattan courtroom to face author E. Jean Carroll once again for a second defamation suit. Carroll’s previous defamation suit against the former president ended in her victory with the court finding Trump liable for sexual assault and awarding the victim $5 million. This time, she seeks $10 million.

On January 17, Business Insider reported that tension in the courtroom was high, with Judge Lewis Kaplan repeatedly slamming one of Trump’s lawyers, Alina Habba, for her conduct. The news source said the attorney was reprimanded a total of 14 times. The first instance was when Kaplan told Habba that he makes the rulings in his courtroom, “not the lawyers.” When she tried to confront him on the issue, he told her to have a seat.

More than one instance involving Kaplan and Habba surrounded mistakes she made during the trial. The interactions began with the attorney attempting to start a line of questioning without following proper procedure; the next was her mention of a restaurant that hasn’t existed in New Jersey since 2011, prompting a correction from the judge. Habba called at least one objection she couldn’t explain, made statements instead of asking a witness proper questions, and read from a document not in evidence. Kaplan even reportedly had to hold Habba’s hand to help her ask a proper question. Some of Habba’s other errors included introducing evidence that was already in evidence, disregarding a matter already ruled on via sidebar, and asking inappropriate or argumentative questions.

By the time all those instances occurred, Judge Kaplan seemed to lose his patience with the attorney. He denied a sidebar with Habba and scolded her multiple times. When she tried to push back on the judge by saying she didn’t “like to be spoken to that way,” Kaplan told her to “sit down.”

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