Judge AXED After Getting Caught Doing THIS On Camera

Judge Suspended after Inappropriate Behavior on Camera

Judge Suspended after Inappropriate Behavior on Camera

(LibertySons.org) – Colombian Judge Vivian Polania is facing intense public scrutiny for engaging in racy antics at work. The South American justice official shocked her colleagues when she attended a remote court session half-dressed while smoking a cigarette.

Polania reportedly lounged in her bed live on camera as the Zoom court proceedings began, occasionally taking a drag from her cigarette. She was supposed to oversee a case involving a car bombing, but her lackluster appearance distracted attendees — so much so that at least one of the attorneys reported her to the National Commission of Judicial Ethics.

The commission responded by suspending the judge until February 2023. In a statement, they called her lack of professionalism unacceptable and condemned how she presented herself, accusing her of failing to show respect for the court. Polania fired back, blaming the shocking scene on an anxiety attack and low blood pressure. She also denied being half-naked.

Such a scandalous display isn’t entirely new for this judge. Polania is well-known for posting questionable photos on Instagram. Her now-deleted account featured various half-naked images of her in underwear and lingerie.

According to the Colombian magazine Semana, the judge claimed her peers have expressed concern with her highly revealing clothing in the past. Polania said it is her right to present herself as she likes, regardless of how others feel about it. She won’t change herself to appease others.

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