Joe Biden Cowardly Ignores Violent Crime on Trip to Lightfoot’s Chicago

Joe Biden Cowardly Ignores Violent Crime on Trip to Lightfoot's Chicago

( – It’s no secret Chicago is struggling with gun violence. Reports out of the city show shootings occur with a deadly frequency. It’s a problem that is hard to ignore, but President Joe Biden seemed to have little trouble glossing over it during his recent visit to Illinois.

On July 7, 2021, Biden flew into the state to speak at McHenry County College, a community college in Crystal Lake. Upon arriving, he was met by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. They spoke briefly in private, but Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the president did express his support and offered his continued commitment to combating the city’s issues.

Once he left the airport, Biden’s demeanor became more upbeat and his focus centered on keeping things light as he began his campaign to spread the word about his Build Back Better initiative. There was no mention of the violence plaguing Chicago.

In his planned speech, the president covered his American Families and the human infrastructure plans currently held in Congress. He talked about reimagining the future, clean energy, childcare affordability, and free college tuition in a bid to gain support for his agenda.

This trip marked the first visit Biden has made to the state since last year’s election. Ignoring the elephant in the room could be perceived as a horrible misstep considering the timing of his visit. Three Chicago police officers sustained gunshot wounds hours before Biden’s plane touched down. In addition, over the July 4th weekend, more than 100 shootings occurred in the city, resulting in 18 deaths.

However, the president only met with the mayor for a few brief moments and focused his visit entirely on promoting his agenda, leaving many to wonder why he appeared to be putting politics above the well-being of citizens and law enforcement officers.

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