Jews Against Soros Officially Launches

Jews Against Soros Officially Launches

( – George Soros has funded liberal and progressive Democratic politicians and prosecutors and acted as a proponent for Democracy as a form of governance for more than four decades. His agenda and the massive amounts of funding he’s thrown into liberal causes have vexed Conservatives for nearly that long. Yet, those who oppose or publicly criticize Soros, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, often find themselves labeled “antisemitic.” On Wednesday, May 31, two Jewish conservative activists launched Jews Against Soros, a “new grassroots coalition of Jews,” according to a press release they published on Twitter.

Will Scharf, a former federal prosecutor currently running to become the Missouri Attorney General, and Josh Hammer, a senior opinion editor at Newsweek and a research fellow with the Edmund Burke Foundation, launched the effort to fight the all-too-common left-wing accusation of antisemitism seemingly thrown at anyone who vocally opposes the billionaire’s radical leftist funding networks or plans to shape governments and societies. The two attorneys agree, “he must be stopped.”

Since 1984, Soros has donated more than $32 billion through his Open Society Foundations, a global network of grantmaking groups focused on improving education, public health, justice, and independent media in all countries. However, conservative lawmakers take issue with how Soros aims to achieve some of those goals.

The billionaire reportedly poured $128.5 million into the 2022 midterm elections. Fox News reported that Soros contributed around $131 million between 2016 and 2020, indicating how much he’s escalating spending as races become closer. Yet, national candidates aren’t the philanthropist’s only concern. The business mogul invested over $40 million toward the election campaigns of 75 liberal district attorneys nationwide, affecting how local justice systems select which cases to prosecute.

Against such a well-funded and seemingly formidable foe, Scharf told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he and Hammer “plan to build a grassroots army of Jews” who will challenge Soros and defy “his brand of leftism.” Perhaps they need to find a sling and five smooth stones.

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