Iran Says It Can Make a Nuclear Bomb, But Chooses Not To

Iran Says It Can Make a Nuclear Bomb, But Chooses Not To

Iran Makes Nuclear Bomb Announcement – A Serious Taunt

( – For the second time in as many months, an official within Iran’s government said it has nuclear capabilities. Both the Senior Advisor to the Supreme Leader Kamal Kharrazi and Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEIO) Chief Mohammad Eslami stated that the Middle Eastern country would not build a weapon of mass destruction. Still, their words are not reassuring, given recent online threats indicating that the nation might wander over that line if prompted.

According to Iran International, posts on Telegram associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on July 30 warned that missteps by the United States could push the country to begin production of “nuclear warheads.” The same accounts also indicated it would take no time for the state to amass bombs that would turn New York City into a wasteland.

The Iranian government continues to deny all accusations it may have the facilities to carry out such a menacing scenario. In July, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanani reiterated that Tehran has no intentions of building nuclear devices, explaining the move would violate Islam.

Despite the official stance on the issue, the intensity of the IRGC and the continued remarks by the ruling party are difficult to ignore.

Do you think Iran is issuing a veiled threat toward the US, or do you believe the country will stick to its Islamic values?

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