Internal Disagreements Challenge House GOP’s Efforts To Prevent Shutdown

( – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned House Republicans on September 19 that the GOP typically fares poorly politically after government shutdowns. After two major factions within the party seemingly reached a short-term compromise on September 17, internal disagreements are apparently challenging GOP leadership’s efforts at preventing an impending government shutdown.

On Sunday, negotiations between Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD), chair of the Main Street Partnership Caucus, and Reps. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Chip Roy (R-TX), and Scott Perry (R-PA), officers of the far-right House Freedom Caucus, yielded a tentative agreement to offer a continuing resolution (CR) that would fund the government for 31 days — through October — while cutting discretionary spending by more than 8%. Additionally, it would attach the House GOP border security bill, HR2, with one exception: the provision wouldn’t mandate using e-Verify.

Yet, no sooner had caucus leaders hammered out the details of the negotiated CR than naysayers began taking shots at the agreements. Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC), a House Freedom Caucus member, tweeted his objection to a CR on Sunday, even before leaders announced the final deal. He echoed sentiments tweeted by Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL), who hasn’t disclosed membership in the Freedom Caucus but holds many of the same values.

Given the slender margins between Republicans and Democrats in the House, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) can only lose 4 Republican votes while hoping to pass the continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown and the potential political upheaval it might entail.

Unfortunately, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch ally and former Freedom Caucus member, doesn’t plan to support the CR either. She tweeted her criticism of the proposed deal. Likewise, Freedom Caucus members Reps. Eli Crane (R-AZ), Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), and Matt Rosendale (R-MT) all lodged objections to the CR.

On Tuesday, in response to internal party division and after a procedural vote where five Republicans voted with all Democrats against the CR, McCarthy pulled it from a scheduled Thursday floor vote.

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