Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Might Reveal Secret Prices of His Art

Hunter Biden's Art Dealer Might Reveal Secret Prices of His Art

( – A recent report indicated that Hunter Biden may have bit off more than he can chew. The First Son reopened a paternity case in September 2022 in an attempt to reduce the $20,000 he pays in child support to Lunden Roberts, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter Navy Joan. However, it could backfire on the younger Biden as his art dealer may have to reveal how much the First Son’s paintings sold for, which have so far been kept secret.

According to the DailyMail, the Arkansas judge presiding over the paternity case, Holly Meyer, tore into Biden and his legal team. The judge accused them of abusing their ability to block the release of relevant public information in the case, telling Biden’s attorneys that they were abusing their “ability to redact” documents. Meyer explained there were several items that the First Son’s legal counsel filed to seal or redact information that’s “not confidential.”

The judge also ruled that Roberts’ legal team could subpoena Georges Bergés, the art broker that sold Biden’s paintings to anonymous buyers. The subpoena could leave the art dealer no choice but to reveal how much money he received in payment for the First Son’s art.

Clint Lancaster, who is representing Roberts, claimed Biden concealed financial information, namely tax returns on the $9 million he invested in a Chinese entity, the amount his paintings sold for, and the identities of who bought them.

Lancaster also accused Biden’s legal team of not being transparent after his team filed discovery requests. Judge Meyer advised that this situation was why he was ordering Biden to be more cooperative with meeting the demands of discovery requests.

Lowell attempted to claim Biden didn’t know the identities of the people who bought his artwork, explaining it was part of an arrangement to ensure they weren’t buying the art to gain the president’s favor. Judge Meyer described the situation as “incredible,” citing the fact Biden’s legal team couldn’t even give an estimate on how much the paintings sold for, telling Lancaster he has the ability to subpoena the gallery where the First Son sold his artwork to learn additional information if they won’t cooperate.

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