Hunter Biden Lashes Out at His Critics in Unhinged Attack

Hunter Biden Lashes Out at His Critics in Unhinged Attack

( – Hunter Biden has been problematic for the Biden administration from the very beginning. During his campaign for president, Joe Biden had to combat questions about his scandalous son, and the White House Press secretary Jen Psaki is handling them now.

Currently, the Biden administration is facing an issue with Hunter’s history of drug abuse and his venture into selling his art. Both situations have cast a shadow on his father’s presidency and could damage Joe Biden’s reputation with the American people.

Hunter Biden Lashes Out

Making matters worse, Hunter Biden lashed out at critics during an unhinged attack while appearing on the “Nota Bene” podcast on Thursday, July 29. Asked by host Nate Freeman what his response to critics of this high-priced art would be, Hunter responded, “Other than f*** ’em?”

After Hunter Biden’s profane statement, Freeman moved on. The two of them then discussed the high price his art pieces were expected to bring at an upcoming showing in New York City. Ethical concerns have arisen regarding the forthcoming sale of Biden’s pieces at that show.

The gallery reportedly expects the younger Biden’s art creation to fetch as much as $500,000, raising concerns buyers could acquire pieces at an inflated price as part of an effort to gain access to Joe Biden or members of his administration.

White House lawyers set up a system wherein the gallery owner is the only person who knows the purchasers’ names. Theoretically, that would remove any chance of influence peddling. However, there are no guarantees buyers won’t let their acquisition of a Hunter piece become public knowledge, making it possible to receive benefits from their purchase still.

Dueling Videos

Additional controversy surrounds a video currently trending online that shows a split-screen of the older and younger Bidens. On one side, then-Senator Joe Biden is rallying to support a law to increase the penalties for drug convictions, specifically crack cocaine. On the other side, Hunter Biden appears to be getting high while smoking crack.

The images are in stark contrast to each other and a good representation of the hypocrisy of the President of the United States, who doesn’t seem ever to want to hold his son accountable for anything. Instead, he’s been dismissive of every probe and scandal involving Hunter, including his recent move into the art world.

Taken altogether, the problems with Hunter Biden appear to be getting worse, not better, the longer his father remains in office. History has shown the media has little patience for corrupt acts by the president’s relatives. Why, then, is the mainstream media so quiet regarding Hunter Biden’s mounting scandals?

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