Hunter Biden Files Suit Against IRS Over Alleged Unauthorized Disclosure of Tax Details

( – Less than a week after federal prosecutors indicted Hunter Biden on gun charges, the First Son was back at the courthouse — but this time, he had charges to file of his own. He is accusing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler of not only failing to safeguard his personal information but sharing it numerous times during public appearances and in statements. According to the lawsuit, they did so specifically to smear his reputation.

Biden filed the 27-page complaint, which the Wall Street Journal later released, on Monday, September 18. He is suing the entire department, although he only specifically names Shapley and Ziegler in his allegations. He claims the two shared confidential tax information on over 20 occasions that included nationally televised interviews and events Congress hadn’t sanctioned. Biden wants $1,000 for each offense, punitive damages for the willful or neglectful nature of the alleged crimes, and legal fees.

The Associated Press states that it contacted both Shapley and Ziegler for comments, but only Shapley’s lawyer has responded. They said Biden’s action was a “frivolous smear” meant to send a message to potential future whistleblowers, adding that all information the agent discussed had been part of released testimony, which is public information. They accuse the Biden family of attempting to distract the American people from the extent of the First Son’s legal troubles.

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles stem from his lying about drug use on a 2018 application to purchase a firearm. He also faces misdemeanor tax evasion charges, which his lawyers had attempted to lump together with the gun charges on a plea deal. The agreement fell apart in court, and the president’s son subsequently pleaded not guilty to the tax charges. He will now likely have to go to trial separately for each set of charges.

Biden’s lawsuit comes roughly a week after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy also made official the formal impeachment inquiry into the Joe Biden administration.

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