How to Identify and Report Social Security Fraud

How to Identify and Report Social Security Fraud

The Easiest Way To Find And Report Social Security Fraud

( – Social Security fraud costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year. It can also easily lead to identity theft that will cost individuals time and money. Stopping the practice is beneficial for everyone; so take some time to learn how to identify and report it.

Identifying Social Security Fraud

Actions that could impact a person’s eligibility to receive benefits through any Social Security program may include fraud if there is false information or the intention to be untruthful. Concealing or falsifying data is also problematic.

In addition, fraud includes harming others by pretending to be a Social Security Administration (SSA) employee. Selling or creating false Social Security Numbers (SSNs) is also illegal.

Representative payees, people who receive the benefits for recipients who cannot manage their own finances due to age or mental status, have strict rules on how to spend the money. Not following these requirements and misusing benefits is fraud.

Signs of a Scam or Attempted Fraud

While only the person providing information to the SSA is responsible for its accuracy, you can report someone if you suspect them of providing incorrect or misleading data. The same is true for a representative payee who may be abusing his or her position.

As for other scams, you need to be aware of how they work so you don’t become a victim. One of the typical schemes is to call from a number that looks like or comes up as the actual SSA phone number. Scammers may also contact you by text message or email using official-looking numbers, links and addresses.

While they are pretty good at disguising themselves and making these communication attempts seem legitimate, keep in mind that an actual SSA employee will never ask for personal information via text or email. The SSA will usually contact you by mail before using other means. Texts, emails and social media posts from the SSA are for information purposes only.

The real SSA won’t threaten you in any way. They will never suspend your SSN or demand payments, especially through gift cards or wire transfers. Also, administration employees will not change your benefits for a bribe or payment.

Reporting Issues

If you suspect fraud, you should contact the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at or call the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271. The OIG will investigate, but agents cannot communicate with you about actions they take after your report.

The OIG encourages anyone to speak up about potential fraud and file a report. When contacting the office, make sure you provide as much info as possible including names and addresses. The office will have a better time catching criminal activity if you give a lot of information.

Social Security fraud impacts everyone. It takes money away from those who need it and allows criminals to victimize all American taxpayers. Knowing what constitutes fraud and reporting it right away are the best actions you can take to stop this crime.

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