How Long Do We Really Have with Fido?

How Long Do We Really Have with Fido?

( – Dogs are part of the family and have rightfully earned the moniker of man’s best friend. One thing dog owners know is the time they get with their furry companions is never enough.

The average canine lifespan is only about 10 to 13 years because dogs age much faster than humans. However, the way we calculate their age is likely not very accurate.

The old method for determining your dog’s age in human years was to multiply its age by seven. Science now says that is not true because a variety of factors determine a dog’s age.

Your beloved pet’s size appears to be the most significant factor regarding aging. Small dogs will live longer than bigger ones on average. The prevailing thought is faster metabolism and growth in large breeds leads to more cell damage earlier in life.

Large dogs also have more of the IGF-1 growth hormone. This chemical has links to a higher death risk due to age-related issues. Scientists say more research is necessary to find concrete answers.

To figure how old your dog is, you can consider the AKC guidelines. For a medium-sized breed, the year from birth to age one equals 15 human years, the second year of life is around nine human years, and subsequent years equal five human years.

Regardless of your pup’s age in human years, you should be sure to value any time you have with such a loving creature because it will be worth all the joy received in return.

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