Greta Thunberg Removed from Protest Site Following Recent Conviction

( – Greta Thunberg, 20, the young Swedish environmental activist who, at the age of 16, gained recognition by chastising world leaders for their slow response to climate change during the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference, faced a Malmö court on Monday on charges that she disobeyed police orders to disperse at a protest in June at an oil terminal in that city. Mere hours after the court fined the environmental firebrand 2500 krona (about $240) as punishment for her defiance, Swedish police in Malmö removed her from another oil terminal protest site.

On Monday, July 24, Thunberg acknowledged the facts of the case against her in court but pleaded not guilty because she claimed she was acting in a form of self-defense, defending the planet. She told reporters who gathered after the proceeding, “We cannot save the world by playing by the rules.”

Hours later, she and other protesters from the “Reclaim the Future” group sat cross-legged, blocking road access to an oil terminal for tanker trucks in the Swedish Harbor city of Malmö, the site of her June arrest. Once again, police ordered the protesters to disperse, and they peacefully disobeyed, forcing authorities to carry each protester out of the road to waiting squad cars.

While the court applied a fine on Monday commensurate with Thunberg’s income, it could have levied a sentence of up to six months in prison. Magistrates might not sentence a repeat offense as generously — Thunberg will find out.

The young Swedish activist isn’t alone in her concerns that climate change has made extreme temperatures more likely, reported The Washington Post. A paper published in World Weather Attribution found correlations between burning fossil fuels and climate changes in North America, Europe, and Asia. This summer, all three continents are experiencing record heat waves resulting in fires, droughts, floods, and deaths.

Additionally, the United Nations continues to sound warnings about global warming. António Guterres, UN secretary general, tweeted that nations should expect longer, more frequent heat waves due to global warming, warning that action on the climate crisis can’t wait.

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