Government Insider Says “This Year’s Going to Be Catastrophic” on the Border and Worse Than 2021

Government Insider Says

( – On Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit “broadcast on March 18, Lieutenant Christopher Olivarez from the Texas Department of Public Safety said 2022 would far surpass 2021 when it comes to the border crisis. According to his statement, the border is the least secure it has been in years. The officer warned that Americans need to brace for even worse times ahead.

Olivarez used immigration figures to prove his point. He said during the 2021 fiscal year, from February to October, there were 397,000 encounters at the border. In the 2022 fiscal year from October to February, a similar five-month timeframe, encounters were at 837,000. He noted the numbers prove the problem will be much worse this year.

The officer categorized the border crisis as “complete chaos” in 2021 and projected 2022 would be “catastrophic.” He called the current issue a national security threat that won’t just put Texas in danger, adding that the country must prepare and be ready for the onslaught of issues the increase will bring.

Olivarez also remarked that the figures show there is no plan from the Biden White House on how to fix the situation and protect citizens. The growing crisis is clear evidence that the administration has done nothing effective to ease the threat at the southern border.

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