GOP Fight Turns Into Outright Brawl, Cops Called

( – The recent ouster of Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) from the Freedom Caucus after a tiff with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has shown how volatile party politics can be at the nation’s capital. A recent story from Michigan mirrors how differing points of view within the state-level GOP turned into an outright brawl requiring police assistance.

On Saturday, July 8, Clare County Republican Party Chair Mark DeYoung alleged that the former GOP state senate candidate from Wayne County, James Chapman, attacked him while he was trying to gain access to a closed-door meeting held at the Doherty Hotel by State Party Chair Kristina Karamo. DeYoung claimed Chapman began the assault by kicking him in the groin through an opening door, pulling him into a hallway, tackling him, and pushing him down the hallway into furniture. Witnesses said the entire encounter lasted perhaps 30 seconds.

DeYoung told police he responded to the repeated jiggling of a locked door handle in the meeting room. He claimed Chapman was trying to gain access to the meeting, called by Karamo to discuss rumors surrounding her internal budget spending.

Chapman told Bridge that he acted in self-defense. He said DeYoung threatened him through the door’s window and came out of the door with his fists up in an aggressive manner. He admitted trying to enter the meeting, saying it “had no business happening” because Karamo had run for her position by pledging “transparency in connection with the delegates.” He argued a closed-door meeting violated that promise of transparency.

After the incident, DeYoung filed a police report and sought treatment at a local hospital for genital injuries and suspected stress fractures in his back. Chapman admitted that police removed him from the premises but didn’t arrest him for the altercation. On Monday, Matthew Wilk, the Wayne Congressional District GOP Chair, suspended Chapman from the party, citing media reports about the fight.

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