Google Drops Rule Requiring Masks for Employees

Google Drops Rule Requiring Masks for Employees

( – Big Tech giant Google implemented strict standards, restrictions and rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that things appear to be winding down and the end of the health emergency is finally in sight, the company is making some changes.

Google Real Estate and Workplace Services Vice President David Radcliffe sent an email to employees in the San Francisco Bay office the week of February 28 announcing the company is lifting many of its pandemic-related restrictions and rules for vaccinated employees. As the company moves back into the office after working at home for two years, the social media giant will no longer have weekly testing requirements and will likely remove social distancing and mask requirements in most areas where cities do not mandate them.

He also told employees perks would return. The amenities for which the company is widely known include massages, game centers, free meals, music rooms and fitness centers. Google suspended these options during the pandemic. Radcliffe noted the changes are due to the lessened risk of the virus.

In January, the company ended the vaccine mandate for employment. It does still require visitors to have vaccines. The lifting of restrictions only applies to vaccinated workers. Google will maintain mask and testing protocols for unvaccinated employees.

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