‘Ghost Gun’ Ban Takes Aim at Homemade Guns

'Ghost Gun' Ban Takes Aim at Homemade Guns

(LibertySons.org) – President Joe Biden and his Democrat colleagues have worked long to put stricter laws in place concerning firearms. They aim to curb Second Amendment rights in any way possible.

Democrats’ latest move is introducing the Untraceable Firearms Act of 2020 in the US Senate, which will ban ghost guns, homemade firearms without commercial serial numbers if passed into law.

Democrat senators from Connecticut, Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, are attempting to push the legislation through the Senate. The plan is similar to the Untraceable Firearms Act of 2019, which stalled in the House despite the support of many Democrats.

In addition to a ghost gun ban, the Untraceable Firearms Act also proposes a ban on 80% unfinished frames and receivers, which refers to that part of the gun that houses the trigger group “regardless of the stage of the manufacture.” The wording is broad enough to include most semi-automatic pistols and requires blanks and castings to have serial numbers.

The act will stop the selling of firearm-producing equipment to anyone except licensed manufacturers. It is also intended to block the production of any undetectable firearms.

There are no provisions within the bill to grandfather in existing homemade weapons. If you do not hold a license as a firearm manufacturer, this means that you won’t be able to make guns, including 3D printing or through the use of kit builds. Additionally, you will not be able to make modifications, such as changing the stock, if this legislation passes.

If this proposed bill is rubbing you the wrong way, here is the website where you can leave comments. Let your voice be heard before it is too late. Comments are only being taken for the next 15 days as of August 4, 2021.

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