Gas Is Up 79 Cents in Just Two Weeks

Gas Is Up 79 Cents in Just Two Weeks

( – Anyone who owns a vehicle knows gas prices are on a quick uptick. In two short weeks, the cost of gas rose an average of 79 cents a gallon. That is the highest hike of all time and about $1.54 more than March 2021. But what is the White House saying about why this happened and what they will do about it?

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the increase in gas prices is due to Russia. In a March 8 press briefing, she said, “This is a Putin spike at the gas pump” and denied it had anything to do with US sanctions or Biden policies. Her answer to fixing the problem was to educate Americans on what impacts gas pricing, and she put the responsibility for correcting the problem on oil companies.

In remarks at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference on March 11, President Joe Biden also blamed Putin for inflating gas prices. He explained that nothing his administration has done led to the higher costs.

Continuing to mirror Psaki’s words, he also pointed to the oil companies as responsible for fixing the situation. Biden noted they could easily pump more oil, but they would rather buy back their own stock than increase production.

On March 9, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) refuted the White House’s excuses. He said gas prices have been going up since Biden got into office, and passing the buck to the Russian president and oil companies is nonsense. The real cause is “bad domestic policies.” He urged the president to work with Republicans in Congress to find a way to lower gas costs and provide Americans some relief.

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