Fox Sports Analyst Faces Backlash for Backhanded Comment about $20 Gas

Fox Sports Analyst Faces Backlash for Backhanded Comment about $20 Gas

( – Shannon Sharpe, ex-NFL player and current Fox Sports 1 analyst, is facing some criticism for a remark he recently made on Twitter. In response to a tweet on April 3, Sharpe said he’d rather pay $20 a gallon for gasoline than have former US leader Donald Trump as president again. Many people noted his tone-deafness.

Sharpe’s tweet was a follow-up to a post he made on Twitter the previous day. In that post, he showed a picture of a pump showing $118 for 17.458 gallons and asked about getting a job at a gas station because he might get a discount then. He also wondered if people “still siphon off gas.”

The thoughtless quip about Trump hit home with many citizens who continue to struggle with ever-increasing gas prices. Many Conservatives called Sharpe out for not recognizing how out-of-touch he sounded.

Actor Nick Searcy condemned him as a wealthy elite who didn’t care about working-class Americans. Political strategist Chris Barron said Sharpe’s remarks were an example of the Left saying anything to get at Trump supporters, even at the expense of the poor. Political commentator Matthew Betley simply stated, “easy to say when you have millions.”

Most of the criticism was about his status and good fortune compared to ordinary people. While Sharpe may have no trouble paying $20 per gallon, most people don’t have that luxury. Was it in poor taste for a wealthy public figure to make such a comment?

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