Fox News Demands Investigation Into Networks Who May Have Swung Election

Fox News Demands Investigation Into Networks Who May Have Swung Election

( – Despite President Joe Biden’s personal lawyers finding multiple classified documents in his Wilmington, Delaware home back in November, the general public was not immediately notified. Officials remained quiet even after other files turned up in the house and a DC office building this month. This wide gap between the discoveries and the announcement has many people, including the cast of “Fox & Friends,” wondering just who knew about the incidents and for how long.

The “Fox & Friends” hosts recently accused CBS and NBC of holding the story about Biden’s classified documents until after the November election. Host Brian Kilmeade highlighted how the lawyers first found the papers on November 2, which begs the question, “Why didn’t we know about this before the election?” More than that, to what extent would revealing the situation in time have impacted the outcome?

Host Ainsley Earhardt noted the “double standard” set between how these documents have been handled between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, whose personal residence in Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI for housing classified materials last year.

Steve Doocy went so far as to claim that “Democrats were protected for the midterms.” Then, he wondered if a fellow Democrat was actually “trying to sandbag Joe” to get him out of the running for 2024 by leaking this news to the press to further tarnish the POTUS’ reputation.

Kilmeade also claimed that Karl Rove, a political advisor and former Deputy Chief of Staff to George W. Bush, told him recently that CBS had the story in November but chose to hold it. The host then asked listeners why any news outlet would do that unless they were trying to protect the president.

The trio ended their segment by wondering why the National Archives handled the situation the way it did. Did the federal agency know the documents were missing — and if not, why? Earhardt reminded listeners that these papers hold the nation’s top secrets while wondering why there isn’t a clear system to determine whether all the necessary papers are where they are supposed to be.

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