Fox Host Says Hunter Biden Will Be Indicted Soon So Joe Can Pardon Him

Fox Host Says Hunter Biden Will Be Indicted Soon So Joe Can Pardon Him

( – Fox News host Jesse Watters said sources told him an interesting piece of information about President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. According to Watters, an indictment for Hunter Biden will happen while his dad is still in office to allow for a presidential pardon. The statement was part of a March airing of Jesse Watters Primetime. The host also postulated that once the president hands down the pardon, he will announce he won’t run in 2024.

Watters didn’t cite sources or explain why he believed this would happen. He did note that President Biden is struggling. He’s not making either party happy right now, which doesn’t bode well for another run at the White House. With his time waning, it seems there is a need for a quick indictment and conviction so he would have the ability to offer a pardon to his son.

Still, Watters indicated it would be shocking if there were an indictment for Hunter Biden. After seeing years of allegations and half-hearted investigations, he’s yet to be held accountable for his actions.

The New York Times recently made a report about Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal after denying its existence. In a March 16 article, the Times laid out the full story about the Bidens. The authors even suggested the president’s son could face Foreign Agent Registration Act violations but the road would be difficult.

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