Former FBI Leader Calls for Surveillance of Popular Conservatives

Former FBI Leader Calls for Surveillance of Popular Conservatives

( – Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe spoke recently at the University of Chicago about the January 6 protests at the Capitol. Given his history, it’s not surprising to hear him confirm that he’s not in love with conservative politics. But what the former deputy director recently said about conservatives in America is chilling.

McCabe pushed the idea that conservatives are the same as Islamic terrorists and should be treated as such. He said that the FBI and other government agencies should conduct surveillance on conservatives as they would on domestic terrorists. He didn’t just focus on extremists within the Right. McCabe suggested that all conservatives are extremists and require monitoring. This is incredibly dangerous rhetoric from a man who very recently held a powerful position in the FBI.

Keep in mind that D.C. bureaucrats, policy makers and law enforcement officials still respect and listen to Andrew McCabe. This is the kind of person that gets invited to speak at the University of Chicago. And he is openly calling for the surveillance of mainstream conservatives, likening them to terrorists and referring to them as “the ideological foundations that spawn” violence.

McCabe’s remarks about parents who speak out at school meetings shows us who he considers to be “extremists.” He called them a national security threat and accused them of being dangerous, even describing their actions as “political violence.”

He said such investigations are necessary because nobody is above the law. But the former director is not without his own issues. He lost his job for lying under oath and leaking confidential information. McCabe’s past suggests he doesn’t have any room to talk about upholding the law and respecting the US Constitution.

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