FBI Takes Mask Karen Into Federal Custody After Attacking Passenger

Woman Expected to Be Re-Arrested by FBI for Involvement in Mother's Death

(LibertySons.org) – Flying is not always an enjoyable experience. Fellow passengers have a lot to do with how good a flight will be. For passengers on a recent Delta airliner, things weren’t great due to one woman causing an uproar that ended with police intervention.

On December 23, Patricia Cornwall dubbed the “mask Karen,” decided to assault another passenger for not wearing a facial covering during a flight from Tampa to Atlanta. A video capturing the incident shows the woman punching an older male passenger in the face.

Cornwall was on Flight 2790 when she confronted another person about not wearing a mask. The altercation began with her yelling at him to put on a facial covering while her own was sitting below her chin. The man told her to sit down, using the viral term “Karen” to address her. However, she continued to harass him as he yelled back at her in response.

After the heated back and forth without the man putting on a mask, Cornwall hit him in the face. Crew members stepped in and tried to restrain her.

The video also contains someone saying the woman had spit on and scratched the unmasked man. Crew members also suffered injuries in the incident. The unnamed male passenger was eating and drinking when Cornwall approached him, which is an allowable time to remove facial coverings.

When the flight landed, local law enforcement met the crew, who turned over the woman. In a statement, the Atlanta Police Department said officers later released Cornwall into the custody of the FBI. The FBI has yet to release any information about potential charges.

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