FBI Is Investigating White Powder Incident With Lawmakers

FBI Is Investigating White Powder Incident With Lawmakers

(LibertySons.org) – Envelopes containing an unknown white powder and ominous messages began arriving at the homes and offices of Kansas lawmakers and officials during the week of June 12. Concerns regarding the unknown substance prompted the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) to open a state-wide investigation. The FBI has joined the KBI in its probe.

On Tuesday, June 20, KBI Director Tony Mattavi told reporters that his state bureau remained focused “on ensuring the safety of Kansans and holding those responsible for these crimes accountable.” He added that he and the KBI greatly appreciated “the incredible coordination and outstanding response” provided by local first responders, including fire brigades, hazmat teams, and police, as well as the state and federal agencies that responded.

The FBI and KBI released a statement regarding preliminary lab tests on the white powder, indicating samples of “the substance” have tested “ presumptively negative for common biological agents of concern,” according to CNN. The FBI said it would require more testing across a greater number of samples “to fully characterize the material in the letters,” according to The Kansas City Star.

Law enforcement agencies have identified more than 100 recipients of the suspicious letters. The sender(s) appears to have targeted Republican lawmakers and Kris Kobach (R), the Kansas Attorney General, sending the packages to offices and homes. Many displayed churches as their return addresses, prompting unsuspecting addressees to open them.

State Sen. Molly Baumgardner (R) told The Kansas City Star someone obviously invested “time and effort” into the scheme. However, she emphasized that the toll extended beyond just the lawmakers and their staff members to their spouses, children, neighbors, and communities, especially when the letters triggered hazmat responses. The senator concluded, “whatever individual or group decided to pursue this, the intention was […] to create a threat.”

The letters included a cryptic message telling recipients they were receiving the letter and contents “to honor […] recent accomplishments” with a “gift from the exclusive astruc baruch [sic?] collection.” The message also warned readers “not to choke” on their “ambition,” using the signoff, “your secret despiser.” KBI and FBI officials haven’t speculated on a motive. The investigation remains active.

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