FBI Agent Reveals Secret Service, Biden Team Were Told About Hunter Biden Interview Plans

(LibertySons.org) – House Oversight Committee chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) released a July 17 transcribed interview with the FBI supervisory special agent assigned to work as a counterpart with IRS investigative agents Gary Shapley and Joeseph Ziegler to explore potential financial crimes committed by Hunter Biden. The August 14 release of the transcript provided confirmation of IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley’s previous testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee in June that FBI headquarters informed President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team of the investigators’ planned interview of Hunter Biden in December 2020.

Shapley’s testimony provided the identity of the FBI supervisory special agent as Joe Gordon. In his testimony, Gordon confirmed he retired from the bureau in June 2022 after 20 years. Moreover, the FBI agent’s testimony stated he had notified headquarters of his plan to question Hunter Biden on December 8, 2020, so the bureau could coordinate with the Secret Service personnel who were already providing protection to the younger Biden prior to the inauguration.

However, Gordon testified that bureau HQ also notified the incoming president’s transition team, thereby warning the younger Biden and his legal counsel of the FBI and IRS Criminal Investigations intent to question him as a subject or target of an investigation. The agent said the result was that bureau headquarters effectively scrapped his interview plan, telling him to keep his distance from Hunter Biden’s residence and await a call from the subject regarding obtaining documentation or an appointment to interrogate him.

Testifying from memory, without the aid of emails or other documentation because of his retired status, the FBI agent talked about how frustrated the situation made him. He said the bureau HQ had involved entities and individuals who didn’t have a need to know, operationally. He also confirmed that he could not recall a time in his 20 years of service when an investigative subject dictated when, where, how, and whether an interview would take place.

After waiting for some time, Shapley and the FBI agent continued on to question another investigation subject. FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Alfred Watson called to notify Gordon and Shapley that the younger Biden’s attorney would contact them, according to Shapley’s testimony. The FBI agent confirmed receiving a call from a DC-based attorney who confirmed his firm would handle requests for documents and denied the team interview access to his client. The attorney directed all future communications to flow through his firm.

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