Ex-Teacher Sentenced to 30 Years for Blackmailing Children for Illicit Content

Ex-Teacher Sentenced to 30 Years for Blackmailing Children for Illicit Content

Child Blackmailer Identified – It All Makes Sense

(LibertySons.org) – It’s expected in society that educators are generally trusted protectors of children, but former high school teacher Brandon Lane McCullough chose another path. He pleaded guilty in 2021 to coercing minors into sending him explicit photos and videos through the Kik app. On August 2, a federal judge sentenced him to 30 years behind bars.

Authorities became aware of McCullough’s activities when a parent reported his interactions with her 14-year-old daughter. Through an investigation beginning on February 14, 2020, federal agents uncovered that the ex-educator ran a scheme where he would pretend to be a teenager and ask young children for sexually explicit content. Once they sent him the content to him, he would use it to blackmail them into sending more.

Officials identified 11 of his victims but said numerous others remain unknown. They believe the crimes began in November 2018.

McCullough’s conviction is for three charges of sexually exploiting a minor and two counts of coercion involving sexual activity and a minor. Due to the extent and nature of his crimes, the 33-year-old will not be eligible for parole and will remain on supervised release for life after leaving prison.

Bringing down this sex offender was only possible through the vigilance of a parent who realized something was wrong. Those with children or grandchildren must stay on top of what their young ones are doing online because that is the only way to ensure their safety.

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