Drug Centers Accused of Keeping People Addicted

Biden's Drug Centers Accused of Keeping People Addicted

(LibertySons.org) – Drug addiction is an epidemic that has dug its claws into America’s most vulnerable. Liberal-led cities like San Francisco have responded to the situation by creating drug use centers.

Critics of the program have warned for years that they encourage illegal drug use and create problems for adjoining neighborhoods. The founder of an anti-drug advocacy group recently spoke out about the centers and called on President Joe Biden and his administration to help resolve the problem.

Drug Use Centers

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently started fast-tracking the opening of overdose prevention centers (OPCs) and safer drug consumption services (SCS) sites throughout the city. Faced with nearly 2,000 fatal drug overdoses in the last couple of years, the officials decided to create locations where users can take pre-obtained drugs in a safe setting overseen by trained staff.

The centers provide sterile needles, and materials to test for the presence of fentanyl, monitor users for overdoses, and provide first aid as needed. Staff members don’t individuals consume their drug of choice. The centers also offer counseling, substance abuse treatment services, and referrals to social services and mental health programs.

A Mother’s Message

Jacui Berlinn recently founded Mothers Against Drug Addiction & Deaths in response to her son, Corey’s, addiction to fentanyl and her fear that he could overdose. The group honors its predecessor, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, by borrowing its acronym, MADD.

Berlinn recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson to discuss San Francisco’s drug consumption sites.

Berlinn told Carlson the centers have effectively put her son into a kind of “bondage” because they provide “everything he needs” to feed his addiction. She called on Biden to ban drug use centers and to allocate funds for substance abuse and recovery services instead. Berlinn appealed to the president as”someone who knows what it’s like to have a child that struggles with addiction,” a reference to Hunter Biden’s well-documented history of substance abuse. 

Continuing, Berlinn explained that the US government isn’t doing enough in terms of treating people and putting them on the road to recovery because they’re tied up maintaining those centers.

The San Francisco Public Health Department recently defended one of its centers, claiming the department was “committed” to creating “safe and welcoming” places for people to safely use drugs “while respecting guest privacy.” However, a woman identified only as Cory told a local ABC-affiliated network that the programs’ “enabling doesn’t help anyone. Her son is addicted to fentanyl and is currently living on the streets.

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