DeSantis Rips Into Critical Race Theory

DeSantis Rips Into Critical Race Theory

( – Critical race theory (CRT) focuses on race and racial tensions throughout American history. CRT’s central premise is up for debate, and people have vastly different views regarding the theory’s validity. Some people believe CRT is precisely what is needed in schools, while others think it is dangerous and should never be part of education.

Florida is actively pushing back against CRT. The State Board of Education banned teaching the concept in public schools on June 10, 2021, saying the theory “distorts historical events.” Florida Governor Rick DeSantis led the charge to stop this curriculum from reaching schools.

DeSantis says CRT teaches children to hate the US and each other, and he went so far as to call the theory “poison.”

DeSantis wants teaching to focus on facts related to American history and teach students to understand the meaning of being a US citizen and not about division. He says schools should focus studies on inclusion instead of skin color, where he feels CRT goes wrong.

The governor is not alone in his opinions. Quisha King, a Florida mother of two, gave a speech at her local school board meeting that exploded on social media. She explained her support for the DeSantis-led CRT ban to board members. As King explained, she firmly believes the concept behind CRT is racist and spreads inaccurate information. She’s also concerned over the harm teaching the theory may do to black children like hers because CRT teaches them they cannot accomplish as much as white children.

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