DeSantis Campaign Stop Cut Short Due to Mockery

( – Florida Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis was stumping through Iowa on August 11 and 12 as part of his 100-county tour through the state. Yet, he had to cut a Friday campaign stop at a veteran’s memorial short due to mockery from two disruptive women with a bullhorn, cowbells, and sharp tongues.

The governor made a planned stop at a roadside veteran’s memorial, a gigantic painted rock depicting scenes of military service. Veterans, their families, and other supporters greeted DeSantis and his wife, Casey, as they stepped off the bus.

However, Heather Ryan and her niece, Kara Ryan, also met the entourage, ringing cowbells and using a bullhorn to mock DeSantis and disrupt his speech. According to POLITICO, they shouted at him, telling him to return to Florida and chanted “Ron DeFascist” and “Pudding Fingers,” a moniker attributed to a March story published by the Daily Beast alleging the governor once ate a cup of pudding on a 2019 private flight with three fingers instead of a spoon.

DeSantis tried to ignore the disruption and told supporters that people like the two protesters were “what’s holding this country back.” His supporters applauded the remark, but the governor reportedly made the stop and interactions brief.

Heather and Kara Ryan appeared again the next day with cowbells and the bullhorn in tow. This time, they disrupted DeSantis while he answered interview questions with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R). Although Reynolds also took turns interviewing GOP rivals Nicky Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, DeSantis was the only candidate the Ryans chose to disrupt.

Heather and Kara Ryan said they belonged to a group called “Bi***es Get Stuff Done” that supports women’s rights. NBC reported that authorities apparently apprehended the pair after Gov. Reynolds chastised them for their disruption, telling them, “We’re in Iowa, and in Iowa, we’re Iowa nice.” Reynolds told them to allow everyone to hear all the candidates.

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