Democrats Appear To Be Eyeing a New Candidate – From the GOP

( – A surprising new Emerson College poll for New Hampshire shows GOP hopeful Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor, eking out a slight lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis among Republican primary voters. Yet, Christie’s popularity is rising even faster among disenchanted Democrats, based on a July survey from The New York Times and Siena Polling. Likewise, a recent POLITICO exclusive indicates Democrats appear to be eyeing Christie as a new potential crossover candidate.

Christie is a bit of a puzzle because he’s a Republican who won two terms as governor in a Democratic stronghold state. Critics have pointed out that his style is nearly as bombastic as that of Donald Trump, and Christie has used name-calling on political opponents in the past and likely will continue. Yet, many Democrats seem to find him a more reasonable, moderate middle ground politically. For instance, he’s clarified that while he felt the original 1973 Roe v Wade ruling was incorrect, he would never support a federal abortion ban as president.

In 2014, The Christian Science Monitor described Christie as “the Democrats’ favorite possible GOP candidate.” Overall, analysts say, it shows that Christie stands a good chance of potentially uniting fractures on both sides. However, he has to overcome falling support and suspicion in the Republican party to have the opportunity to win through the primary.

POLITICO pointed out that Christie has focused on running a campaign through mass media appearances, accepting invitations to any podcast, radio show, or cable news program that extends an offer to him, regardless of their political orientation. His strategy is to reach as many GOP voters as possible, but the byproduct is that he’s also gaining the attention of many Democrats in the process.

In response to a question asked by a POLITICO reporter outside a Cuban restaurant in Miami on the campaign trail about targeting messages to specific groups, Christie said, “You should go and campaign everywhere, to everyone, and try to say the same thing no matter where you go — so they know you actually mean it.” Arguably, many Democrats like what Christie has to say and the fact that he attacks Trump, the leading GOP candidate. However, that has only served to make him more of a longshot with most Republicans, according to seasoned pundits.

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