Democrat Opponent Calls Out Biden’s Secret Support

( – Marianne Williamson declared her candidacy for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination on March 4, making her the first Democrat to enter the race for the party’s nomination. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. followed her into the race on April 19, and President Joe Biden made his bid official on April 25. Yet, Williamson is calling foul, stating that Biden, the last man into the race, has received preferential party support.

How the DNC Has Skewed the Field

Williamson, an author and spiritual advisor, claims the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has taken a position favoring Biden ahead of the primary. In February, before any candidates’ declaration, the DNC membership voted unanimously to pass a resolution completely and fully supporting a Biden/Harris reelection bid. The DNC even determined not to hold any candidate debates.

Williamson takes issue with the DNC’s position, telling Fox News Digital she believes a campaign acts “as a long job interview process,” allowing voters to evaluate all the job candidates, including the POTUS. Instead, she said the DNC has overtly taken evaluation opportunities off the table by blatantly supporting the incumbent in the primary. She added, “I don’t think it’s good for democracy.”

A recent Fox News poll showed Biden with 64% support, while Kennedy received 17% and Williamson captured 10%. The Real Clear Politics Average of Polls also has Biden at 64% but shows Kennedy with slightly less support at 14.4% and sees Williamson trailing at 5.7%. In those surveys, Biden enjoys a 47-point or 49.6-point advantage, respectively.

Yet, the longshot challenger pointed out that the DNC hasn’t just made the issue about debates. Instead, it focused on access to voters, including young voters. Williamson has also tried to engage teen voters by contacting chapters of the High School Democrats of America (HSDA) nationwide, looking for speaking opportunities. She recently tweeted her disappointment that HSDA, affiliated with the DNC, refused to “engage with any candidates other than President Biden.”

Sohali Vaddula, the HSDA’s communication director, told Newsweek the organization mirrors DNC policies and supports Biden’s candidacy, precluding involvement with Williamson’s or other candidates’ campaigns.


Despite the criticisms Williamson and others are leveling at the DNC, the committee follows a time-honored precedent. Modern incumbent presidents have not faced debates in either party. Additionally, in modern history, incumbent presidents have never lost the nomination to a challenger — although history has recorded a few close calls, and some presidents have chosen to step down after one term to open the path for challengers.

Although polls in April generally showed that more than half of Democrats didn’t favor Biden running again, pundits argue that a nearly 50-point lead over opponents in current polls still suggests that he’s the strongest party choice from the current field.

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