Democrat Lawmaker Wants To Require EV Charging Stations in New Homes

Democrat Lawmaker Wants To Require EV Charging Stations in New Homes

( – Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular. As Democrats look to combat climate change, they’re pushing for more EVs on the road. However, America’s infrastructure isn’t ready to be flooded with these vehicles as there aren’t many places to charge them compared to the number of gas stations. The Illinois state government is looking to make it mandatory for new homes to be built with EV charging stations. What could go wrong?

Alongside their effort to thwart climate change, Democrats are also looking to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to provide affordable housing. But lawmakers in Illinois must not have gotten the memo.

In the state’s lower chamber, legislators introduced House Bill 2206, and in the upper chamber, lawmakers brought Senate Bill 40 to the floor. Both bills require newly built single-family and small multi-family homes to include an EV charging station for each residence’s dedicated parking space.

According to The Center Square, Dean Graven, an Illinois Home Builders Association (HBA) member, claimed that neither of the bills addresses the added costs of including the stations. Graven asserted lawmakers have presented this mandate but don’t have any funding to back it. The HBA member noted that for “every $1,000” added to the price of a home, the seller is losing 6,000 potential buyers.

Graven also discussed differences in how EVs charge, which he said could bring about more cost increases. He noted there is no universal solution for charging stations. The US Department of Energy explains the standard charger for electric vehicles is 110 volts, meaning a person can plug it into a standard house outlet.

However, some EVs require larger voltage outlets, commonly used in commercial charging and for clothes dryers. For instance, vehicles manufactured by Tesla require 220 volts to charge. Graven explained there is a substantial difference in price between a typical house outlet and the more heavy-duty setup, which in turn means a more expensive home.

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