Dem Party Hanging On By a THREAD – Pelosi’s Future In Question

Pelosi Scored Election Victory But Dem Leadership Questions Loom

Pelosi Scored Election Victory But Dem Leadership Questions Loom

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had no trouble winning re-election in California’s 11th Congressional District. She secured 81.4% of the votes compared to 18.6% for her opponent John Dennis (R). But questions remain as to what is next for the career politician.

Pelosi has been a member of the US House of Representatives since 1987. She was the first and only woman ever to hold the position when she took the reins in 2007, and the lawmaker has since served as speaker for four terms.

Despite her long history in Congress and decisive win on November 8, questions abound about her future plans. Will she serve as House speaker again if given a chance, or is she ready to retire?

In 2018, the California lawmaker promised she would not run for the position again after the end of her term in 2022. But it might be the attack on her husband in their California home that will be the deciding factor in what happens with her professional future. A man broke into her residence looking to harm Mrs. Pelosi, but upon finding she wasn’t there, the assailant attacked her husband, Paul Pelosi, with a hammer.

During an exclusive interview, the legislator revealed the event would play a part in her future political decisions.

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