DC Speechwriter Has Theories That Kamala Harris May Run for President

DC Speechwriter Has Theories That Kamala Harris May Run for President

(LibertySons.org) – The Biden/Harris administration has struggled with approval ratings. With all eyes turning toward 2024, there is plenty of speculation on whether President Joe Biden will run for office again. In fact, the US leader has unofficially said he plans to go for another stint in the Oval Office. But Wayne Dupree, a conservative writer, stated he thinks Vice President Kamala Harris is the one preparing to step up for a 2024 presidential run.

Dupree proposed that Harris is allowing Biden to suffer from all the administration’s missteps so she can have a stronger argument for her 2024 candidacy. He explained that by keeping the vice president in the background, Democrats can shield her from negative opinions and make her a stronger option.

Biden has not announced he is running in 2024, but he’s considering it and will make his decision in 2023. In the meantime, voters don’t seem too supportive of him giving it another shot. A CNBC survey from early December showed 70% of respondents felt Biden should not run. Among Democrats, 57% said no to a second term for the president.

Many people cited his age as the reason they don’t want to see him on the ballot again. He also hasn’t been very popular in general. According to a Morning Consult poll from December 2022, President Biden’s approval rating was 44%, and Harris was only slightly behind him with a 40% approval score.

Do you think Dupree is on to something?

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