D.C. Insider Says He Sees Dementia Signs in Joe Biden

D.C. Insider Says He Sees Dementia Signs in Joe Biden

(LibertySons.org) – Since before he took office, Joe Biden has been the target of concerns over the state of his cognitive health. Speculation is he may be suffering from symptoms of dementia, which would make it difficult for him to fulfill his presidential duties.

On Eat the Press, author and political strategist Jeffrey Lord said he sees signs of dementia in the 79-year-old president. Lord, whose own mother had dementia, says the effects of the condition do not occur all at once. Instead, they manifest slowly over time.

Lord claims both Biden and his mother seem to suffer from similar symptoms, such as confusion, difficulty speaking, and memory issues.

But Lord isn’t the only person with experience in recognizing dementia to point out the issue with the president. In July, White House doctor for former President Obama, Ronny Jackson (R-TX), asked Biden to take a cognitive test. He worries the commander-in-chief is suffering mental decline and claims he can easily see the changes looking back over the past 40 years.

When asked about her husband’s cognitive state in a CBS Sunday Morning interview, First Lady Jill Biden laughed off the concerns. She refused to discuss the issue further.

Democrats made similar accusations against Donald Trump during his presidency. Trump resolved the issue by taking — and passing — a cognitive test. Biden should do the same if there is no double standard and nothing to hide.

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