Cop Collapses — Fentanyl or Something Else?

Cop Collapses — Fentanyl or Something Else?

( – The opioid epidemic is a danger to those caught in its grasp, but it also may be putting first responders at risk. Deadly fentanyl-laced drugs are all over the streets, and it only takes a minimal amount of the drug to kill.

On August 5, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department posted a video of a sheriff’s deputy passing out after collecting synthetic opioid fentanyl from a crime scene the first week of July. The Sheriff said he decided to post the clip to warn the public of the dangers associated with opioids.

However, some medical experts have disputed the clip’s authenticity. For instance, Ryan Marino, the medical director for toxicology and addiction at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, said, “you can’t just touch fentanyl and overdose.” Additionally, a recent research paper published by Research Triangle International appears to back up that claim.

Sheriff Bill Gore expressed surprise at the pushback from the medical community. He told local reporters his deputy exhibited “classic signs of [a] fentanyl overdose.” That was the reason why his office presented the incident as one on YouTube.

Ultimately, it’s up to viewers to determine whether they believe the video is authentic or not. Either way, it serves as a somber example of the dangers of opioids.

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