Congress Finds Multi-Year Plot To Put Biden in Power

Congress Finds Multi-Year Plot To Put Biden in Power

( – The House Ways and Means Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, and the House Oversight and Reform Committee have all undertaken investigations into how government agencies like the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI, the IRS, and US Attorneys’ offices have applied the national laws with regard to investigations and prosecutions, In short, many lawmakers and pundits are raising concerns over a years-long pattern of seemingly disparate applications of justice between powerful Democrats and Republicans that favor keeping Biden in power.

Former Special Counsel John Durham noted as much in his report, comparing the standards of evidence used to begin a full investigation against Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server as compared to the arguably flimsy, uncorroborated evidence the FBI used to open the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into potential Trump campaign collusion with the Russian government. Yet, many more examples exist.

The DOJ executed a search warrant on a storage locker owned by Paul Manafort, Trump’s first campaign chairman, after AP reporters stumbled onto it, resulting in Manafort’s felony conviction for crimes including bank fraud, tax evasion, and failure to disclose a foreign bank account. By contrast, the DOJ denied IRS investigators who obtained evidence of a storage unit owned by Hunter Biden the ability to search until after notifying Biden’s attorney, according to testimony.

In another example, FBI agents interviewed Gen. Michael Flynn even though they had no evidence or indication he had committed any crime in connection with the Russian collusion case. In court records, one supervisor said the interview was an obvious effort to entrap Flynn into making a false statement, which he later pleaded guilty to committing. Alternatively, the DOJ told IRS and FBI investigators they couldn’t interview most of the witnesses they wanted to question, including the former vice president’s grandchildren.

The apply some measure of justice, then-President Donald Trump issued pardons to Manafort, Flynn, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon, among others. But GOP House leaders remain concerned about the observed patterns.

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