Colonel Announces NATO “Crumbling”

Colonel Announces NATO

( – The situation in Ukraine is causing stress for global leaders and world organizations. NATO remains at the heart of the issue; Vladimir Putin is demanding that it deny Ukraine membership, saying NATO’s further advance onto Russia’s border is unacceptable for the Kremlin’s national security. A former Pentagon official recently spoke out about how NATO is losing control due to divisions within the organization on how to handle the situation.

On the January 26 episode of The Ingraham Angle, Colonel Douglas Macgregor said he believed NATO is “crumbling” under the pressure caused by the standoff. The former Pentagon senior advisor asserted his belief that the debate over Ukraine is destabilizing the organization.

Macgregor also said NATO lacks coordination and has “virtually no cohesion,” noting that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is currently on a diplomatic tour of Europe in an attempt to smooth ruffled feathers. He referred to Blinken as “a rabbit of man,” saying he’s been hopping all over Europe trying to get a plan together without any results.

The Russian president has threatened retaliation for Ukraine’s acceptance into the military alliance by threatening to send troops to Cuba and Venezuela, nations similarly close to the US border. Meanwhile, within the US, Ukrainian lobbyists have increased their efforts to ensure the federal government backs their cause.

The debate over the situation in Ukraine continues. As NATO shows divisions, with some nations reluctant to risk war with a nuclear-weapon state, divisions are becoming clearer within both major US political parties. Elements on the Right and Left are struggling to maintain a consistent stance on Ukraine. Popular conservatives like Tucker Carlson have condemned the Biden administration for risking war to defend Ukraine’s border while unwilling to defend the US border. And leftist organizations have come out against conflict on the Democratic side of the aisle, seeking a peaceful solution that avoids potential “nuclear war.”

As divisions arise within NATO and within the US over Ukraine, the world watches, waiting to see which voice in the maelstrom of speculation will turn out to be correct. With so much at stake, one thing is certain: we should all be paying attention.

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