Climate Crusading Elite Caught In ULTIMATE Hypocrisy

Harrison Ford Used Private Jet to Attend Wife's Birthday Celebration

Harrison Ford Used Private Jet to Attend Wife’s Birthday Celebration

( – Celebrities and politicians pushing climate change agendas on the public often love to talk about what everyone else should do while some continue their own environmentally damaging habits. One of the most common hypocritical moves is the practice of flying in private jets. The latest to commit this faux pas was well-known Hollywood actor Harrison Ford.

The 80-year-old climate activist went on a whirlwind trip for his wife Calista Flockhart’s 58th birthday celebration. On November 11, he flew a private jet from New York to Tennessee to pick up Flockhart’s mom, and then to Los Angeles. The Cessna Citation Sovereign jet, which Ford owns, put off carbon emissions of about 10.8 metric tonnes, which is double the amount had he flown in a commercial airline.

Interestingly, Ford has been outspoken about fighting climate change. He talked at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit, where he droned on about the wonderful new generation of environmental fighters. In a Time magazine interview in 2020, the actor lamented how climate change shouldn’t be a political issue. He stated, “the climate crisis is real,” and made a point to call anyone profiting from environmentally destructive actions “selfish.”

Given the difference between his words and actions, Ford seems comfortable with dishing out advice he doesn’t abide by himself.

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