Christian Children Targeted By After-School “Satan” Club

Christian Children Targeted By After-School

( – After-school programs are commonplace. Many of them have been around for years. Even so, a troubling new one sponsored by an unusual group is causing a stir in a Moline, Illinois, elementary school.

The Satanic Temple started an after-school club at Jane Addams Elementary School, located in Moline, Illinois. It began meeting in January accompanied by a group of parents grouped outside the venue. The parents showed up again for Temple’s second meeting on February 10. Those present said they were not protesting but spreading God’s word by holding signs with Bible verses on them. The pastor who organized the demonstration said they plan to show up every time the Satan Club meets.

Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves admitted to starting the club to oppose the Christan-based Good News Club, which also meets at the school after hours. Greaves explained that the goal is to spread “different perspectives” and teach that not everyone “needs to embrace the same viewpoint” to be a good person.

The school spokesperson said it does not endorse any specific after-hours club meetings and that use of the school by any community group is permissible under Illinois’ School Code. The school also must honor a 2001 US Supreme Court ruling to allow religious groups to hold after-school programs on public school grounds.

So far, only two students from the same family have attended the groups meetings.

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