China Threatens Military Action With Navy

China Threatens Military Action With Navy

( – Tensions between the United States and China don’t appear to be waning. The two countries are constantly butting heads over various issues, and the saga of the communist nation not respecting the laws of international waters continues.

Hostilities further escalated with a tweet on September 8 from Global Times editor Hu Xijin. He mocked the recent alliance of Australia, Britain, and the United States to uphold navigational freedom in international waters.

The communist leader then threatened to send out warships to waters near Hawaii and Guam.

The US Navy responded by assuring Hu its forces always abide by international law on the waters and added that China’s own practices are questionable.

Hu’s warning of sending Chinese ships didn’t have an impact because the Navy noted enemy forces had already been there.

The issues with China and international navigational law are nothing new. The new US, Britain, Australia alliance, known as AUKUS, came about as a way to help Australia build a nuclear submarine fleet to combat Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

The communist nation has also been flexing its muscles as the Navy reported on September 13 that the country was sailing warships off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea. The ships complied with international law, but it was a clear indication of China’s intentions to continue to show off its naval power.

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