Catholic Bishop Calls Out Biden for Twisting Pope’s Words

Catholic Bishop Calls Out Biden for Twisting Pope's Words

( – President Joe Biden is only the second commander-in-chief to claim to be a devout Catholic. His stance on abortion remains a point of contention between him and church leadership. The Catholic Church doesn’t support the procedure, and one of the bishops doesn’t like the idea of the president twisting the Pope’s words to make it appear as though the Pope supports abortion as well.

Joseph Strickland, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas, took to social media to express his dismay over Biden manipulating the Pope’s words. Strickland urged the Vatican to issue a statement to clarify the Pope’s belief that abortion is murder. The Bishop also said it was time to expose and condemn “Biden’s fake Catholicism.”

Strickland’s comments come after a reporter informed the president that “Catholic bishops” were pushing to prevent federal funds from paying for abortions. Biden claimed that “not all of them” were “doing that,” adding that the Pope wasn’t either.

The exchange came after the US Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a letter to the president, expressing their desire to prohibit the use of federal money to fund abortions. In addition to the letter, the Pope has expressed his opinion on the procedure in the past.

In July, Pope Francis said that Biden’s support of abortion was something he’d have to speak to his pastor about, according to the Catholic News Agency.”

Additionally, the Associated Press noted how the Pope likened the procedure to hiring a hitman and declared the Church couldn’t condone abortion under any circumstance. Francis condemned the decision of mothers to abort a child after prenatal testing, asserting humans are “never incompatible with life.”

As of now, there hasn’t been any response from other bishops or the Vatican. Lawmakers, including President Biden, have also remained silent for the time being.

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