“Brain Control Weaponry” Reportedly Used By China

(LibertySons.org) – The truth can sometimes feel stranger than fiction. That’s certainly the case for a recent update about Chinese weaponry that has many people thinking the topic is a widespread sci-fi joke. But, unfortunately, it is terrifyingly real, and US officials are fighting back with sanctions in an effort to stop it.

Intelligence reports revealed that China is actively developing brain-control weapons that will allow the nation to harness its people essentially as killing machines. The technology includes gene editing and brain-machine interfaces that would enable the country to build an army within its people who will act without a second thought against enemies.

News of such advanced military capabilities represents a threat for the US, which is precisely why the Biden administration took immediate action to halt the research going into creating such weapons. The government placed sanctions on 37 different biotechnology companies assisting with the project.

According to the same intelligence reports, China already uses brain-control technology to track people who stand against its ruling power. That list includes minority groups, individuals, and journalists the CCP wishes to silence.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe calls the weaponizing of humans deplorable. He went on to state that the US would not stoop to putting its military members at risk in such a way. He accuses China of being so obsessed with advancing its military that it will do anything to get ahead — even harm its own people.

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