Bill Passes To Save Biden’s Skin – Just In The Nick Of Time

Biden-Backed Bill Passes to Avert Rail Strike

Biden-Backed Bill Passes to Avert Rail Strike

( – The railroad worker unions and companies have been holding tough negotiations for months over a contract. In September, the Biden administration stepped in to create a tentative agreement, but some of the unions refused to accept it. With the December 9 deadline coming fast, the American economy could be at risk without a solid deal. So, the Biden administration drafted legislation forcing the unions to accept the agreement, preventing them from going on strike.

The US House of Representatives passed the resolution on November 30 by a 290-137 vote. The move contrasts the typical Democratic support of unions and workers. President Biden felt there was no other choice because of how devastating a shutdown would be to the country. In a statement, he made it clear the Senate must pass the bill quickly to avoid the start of a strike that could cripple the US.

A strike would halt many industries, further damaging an already weak supply chain. In the current unstable economy, a shutdown would likely increase prices for consumers, according to University of California economics professor Kyle Handley, who spoke to ABC News.

Rail workers have been fighting for a better work-life balance, stating the companies have not been generous with allowing time off. The tentative agreement provides them with time off for medical appointments, a freeze on health insurance cost increases, and wage increases through 2024 of 24%. But employees who have refused to accept the offer say it isn’t enough.

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