Biden’s Neighborhood Phrase Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Biden's Neighborhood Phrase Doesn't Make Any Sense

( – President Joe Biden spoke at the Brent Spence Bridge in Covington, Kentucky, on January 4 about infrastructure. During his speech, he jumbled his words, making for yet another incident where people questioned what he was trying to say. The Commander in Chief has become somewhat notorious for messing up when speaking, and in some cases, it may have affected his presidency.

Video of the event backs up the jumbled words of the president, while the White House transcript included the proper grammar annotations so that it made it more sense than the verbal version. Still, many were questioning if the phrase was actually from his old neighborhood and even wondered what the saying meant.


Biden has commonly stumbled over words or made statements that were not clear. And the White House has often tried to cover for these blunders.

A recent and unfortunate mistake was when he questioned where the deceased Representative Jackie Walorski (R-IN) was at an event in September. She had just died, and to make matters worse, he was meeting with her husband later that week. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had to try to explain this away as Walorski just being on his mind without giving any reason as to why he seemingly forgot about her death.

A year before, in September 2021, he caught himself up in a lie when he was speaking to Jewish leaders. According to the New York Post, he told a story about visiting the Tree of Life synagogue, the site of a mass shooting, but he had never gone there. The White House had no choice but to confirm what the president said was untrue.

Biden’s constant mess-ups have fueled GOP claims that his mind is slipping and he may not be mentally up for the task of serving as president.

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