Biden’s List of Flaws Released by GOP

Biden’s List of Flaws Released by GOP

( – On January 11, the Republican National Committee (RNC) released “21 Made-Up Stories Biden Has Told as President.” The list includes sources that show President Joe Biden making each of the statements and the evidence that proves them false. The various items highlight the Commander in Chief telling lies to make himself look good, benefit himself politically, and garner sympathy.

The story focuses on things Biden has said since 2021, but some of the list items are stories he’s been telling throughout his long history in politics. There were fabrications about his family, which seemed easy to debunk. The list included the tale that he had nearly lost his wife to a house fire. The blaze was so bad, according to the president, it also risked the lives of firefighters. The actual incident was nothing more than a minor kitchen mishap.

Biden also claimed he gave his uncle a Purple Heart after becoming vice president. That statement was easy to debunk because his uncle died before he even took office. He also told stories about his great-grandfather working as a coal miner and his grandfather being an All-American footballer at Santa Clara University. The president claimed he was almost the same caliber ball player too, adding that he nearly became a walk-on for an NFL team. All of those statements, according to the investigation, are false.

Biden also likes to boast about his accomplishments, but many of these stories are also only made-up fodder. There’s no evidence he was ever an 18-wheeler, and there’s no record his first job offer came from Boise Cascade. The report points out the president didn’t grow up in a Puerto Rican community or serve as a liaison during the Six-Day War to Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Yet, he claimed all those things as facts.

The US House of Representatives impeached former President Bill Clinton over lying to Congress, and while Biden hasn’t lied under oath, his history of not telling the truth is concerning. Some could say it erodes the trust people have in the man leading the US.

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